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Brewers staff gel before player arrivals

Brewers staff gel before player arrivals

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On-field chemistry is key if the Helena Brewers want to win this season, and that mantra extends beyond the field. The Helena Brewers front office added six new members for the upcoming season. 

A staff of 10 members make up this season’s newly formed front office. Carroll College student Natalie Cassa serves as an intern. 

"We have a great staff here," Cassa said. "I'm excited to work with a great work team."

For the next three months, the front office will mirror the team, which means few days off.

"We work hard," said Director of Sales and Group Marketing Bryson Asmus. "We also try to keep it light."

The similarities between the team and staff continue when considering only one person is born and raised in Montana.

"All of us here are from different places,” said James Van Dyke, ticket office associate. “All of our ideas really connect with each other.”

The team works long hours during the day, and sometimes they need a break.

“We take live batting practice on the field, when our Keith Fandel our groundskeeper is nice enough to let us do that,” Van Dyke said.

When they don’t want to go outside, the fun moves inside. So, who is best slugger in management?

“I am,” Van Dyke said. “I have gap-to-gap power. I have it all.”

All these activities help the team trust each other, which is key in a long season.

“It’s really important for us all to be on the same page just before we start the season,” Cassa said.

After a month of bonding, the players off the field are ready for the players on the field.

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