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Jill Lane Breeds and Trains Horses for Barrel Racing

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It's off this gravel road, just outside of Fort Benton that the long journey begins for these horses who could one day end up in professional rodeo.  

Jill Lane has been breeding and training barrel racing horses for over fifteen years and running her business the past eight in Fort Benton.

"What I do is I raise the foals, which would be the babies. When they're two, I start riding them, and I start patterning on the barrels and train them. Show them in their first year in competition, and then usually I sell them. Usually the people that buy my horses after I'm finished training them go on and show them at the rodeo events." said Lane.

Before these horses can even be considered ready to compete, they have to learn the basics, and that's where Jill's work begins inside a practice arena.

"This one of the main things that I teach my colts is that they have to keep reaching with that front end and keep pushing with the hind end," said Lane. 

Training barrel racing horses is more than just a job for Jill, it's her passion, and getting these horses up to speed can be a bit of a lengthy process.

"It usually takes two or three years to get them where you need them to be. You have to start thinking like a horse. Discipline them like another horse would discipline each other and reward them as well," said Lane.

Jill says working with these horses is rewarding for her too.

"I guess the thing that thrills me the most is you do all that work to train them and then when, you actually get a horse into the right hands and that new rider actually clicks with that horse and they go on and be successful, that gives me such a good feeling. It makes me feel like actually what I've been doing is productive and I must be doing something right." said Lane.

Lane says the ultimate goal is for these horses to make it to the superbowl of rodeo, the National Finals Rodeo, but that journey has to start right here in Fort Benton.

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