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Former Bison McMillen Makes Successful Move to MMA

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It was a fight that only lasted 45 seconds. But the dominance that Tommy McMillen displayed in his debut as an MMA fighter took years to prepare for. Tommy is coached by his Dad, Joe, who has seen the work that his son has put in.

"He's been doing this as a very young kid," says Joe McMillen, head coach of Great Falls based Team Wolf Pack. "We're a combative sports family. We've done wrestling, boxing, MMA, kick boxing, it's just part of our lifestyle. It's nothing really new."

"My Dad did quite a bit of Boxing," says Tommy. "So I was always around it. I always liked to hit mitts when I was little. Got my first pair of Boxing gloves when I was five or four. So I've always been around it. I've been practicing with hi m since I was like 11. Now that I'm finally 18 I'm old enough to compete. 

Tommy's win by submission only added to his prolific career as an athlete. He's 5-0 in Boxing and just capped off his High School wrestling career with a 29-0 senior year and his third state title. Both are sports that prepared him for his moment in the Octagon.
"I've never gotten to do full on MMA in front of a crowd," says Tommy. "People have only seen my box and wrestle. Just to put those two together is going to be really fun."
And Tommy feels that 45 seconds was only a preview of what's to come in his new career.

"Just keep fighting. Get as many fights in as I can. I went out there and did what I was supposed to do. I can't complain right now." says Tommy.

And that's a promise that you'll never see Tommy tap out of.

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