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Brewer Billie continues to overcome adversity in 16-year career

Brewer Billie continues to overcome adversity in 16-year career

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When you attend a Helena Brewers game at Kindrick Legion field, you’ll see a familiar face.

William Neisess, known around the ball park as Brewer Billie, has sold programs for the Helena Brewers for the past 16 seasons.

“I love to see good people,” Neisess said. “Good smiling faces and people who I haven’t seen before.”

Over the past 16 seasons, Billie’s witnessed good times and bad times. Like in 2000, when the Brewers left Legion field.

“Kind of sad,” Neisess said, “because I think of the Brewers as my family.”

Billie said he experienced relief when the team returned in ’03. Personally, Billie continues to overcome his own health adversities.

“I’ve got arthritis throughout my body, but I feel that it doesn’t take me down,” Neisess said. “There’s something in my lungs that’s not comprehending with my breathing technique.”

It seems nothing can separate Billie from his job. When the Brewers are out of town, Billie enjoys accompanying kids on Bible camps.

“I just like to be there for the kids,” Neisess said. “Not as a stranger, but as a friend.”

The Helena Brewers consider Billie a cornerstone of the game day experience and they love having him around.

“Every time you guys walk into the main gates, you hear him say ‘Programs’”, said Helena Brewers Assistant General Manager Travis Hawks. “I wish I could do it like him but only Brewer Billie can do it.”

For Billie, he loves that the organization trusts him.

“Knowing that I’m one they can trust when I can hand them back bills when they hand me big bills,” Neisess said.

And he always has a message whether you buy a program or not.

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