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Contract Signing a Family Affair for Brewers Whalen

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"Every little league player dreams of hearing their name called in a professional stadium, but few hear it.
"This is now my job," Whalen said. "That's something I've been dreaming about my whole life."
Caleb Whalen is in rookie ball with the Helena Brewers. The Milwaukee Brewers picked the 23-year-old in the 38th round of this year's MLB Draft, but what's different about Caleb is  his dad was the scout that signed him.
"I was a senior sign. So, I didn't know what was going to happen," Whalen said. "I was just praying that it would happen and sure enough it did."
As Caleb watched from home, his dad was in the draft room in Milwaukee, and the organization planned a surprise.
If Caleb gets to us, you're the one that's going to call his name," Shawn said. "It was emotional. Everybody was clapping for me and giving me hugs."
The Whalen's will never forget the moment. Especially Shawn, who defeated thyroid cancer in 2014 and had surgery in March to prevent lymph node cancer.
"It was a defining moment," Shawn said. "It helps you realize how all those little things that use to bother you don't matter anymore."
On the field, Caleb plays all three outfield positions and sometimes bats leadoff. Although his numbers aren't as high as he would like, Helena Brewers Coach Nestor Corredor sees a lot of potential in the young outfielder.
"I think once he gets ready and use to pro ball," Corredor said, "you'll see the stats be better."
Shawn hasn't seen his son play because he's scouring the Pacific Northwest and southwest Canada for talent. However, the father and son talk every day, and before Caleb left for Helena his dad gave him some encouraging words.
"You get to chase you dream now," Shawn said. "No coulda, shoulda, woulda. Don't ever leave the field thinking I could have worked harder or I could have did this. Go out there and give everything you have.
Father and son hope their schedules allow dad to see at least one game this year."

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