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UGF Women's Basketball Holds Summer Camp

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Argos senior center and former Great Falls High basketball product, Brice Henning has been in the shoes of these basketball campers. 

"I went to the camp when I was younger because I'm local. I was probably like eighth grade. I started going here and I went here every year, then I went to school here," said senior center Brice Henning.

Now, she's giving back to the community as a camp coach.

"It was nice to change perspective from player to a coach and get to see how Coach Bill gets to run the camps and everything so it's a nice transition," said senior center Brice Henning.

Fellow teammate Stephanie McDonagh is a camp coach too and says she's helping the kids with basic shooting techniques and controlling their footwork.

"We do work a lot on your balance, eyes, elbow, follow through. I think a lot of it is their footwork at this point because they're catching the ball and traveling, but we got to say hey slow down you don't have to go 100 miles an hour right now but later on this week you can," said McDonagh.

The next generation of ball players is finding the training to be helpful.

"I do double dribbles a lot so they're trying to teach me to not do double dribbles and it's kind of helping," said camper Aila Wood.

"It helps me because I kind don't know everything about basketball and I kind of need help with it, and I haven't really don't really much," said camper Jordan Ketcham.

"I like all the coaches. They're really nice, and I like the games that we play," said camper Morgan Ketcham

It's camps like these that argos head Coach Bill Himmelberg may find his future talent.

"There might be some future Lady Argos here in the gym," said head coach Himmelberg.

His current ones are relishing in their new roles. 

"I remember going to camp at their age. To help like fuel their passion to the game is just really awesome," said junior guard Stephanie McDonagh. 

"I feel like it's every players dream. You want to pass on what you do. I know a lot of these kids because I've been around so long. It's nice. I know their siblings and I know their parents. It's nice to help them along you know," said Henning.

Just like it helped Henning get to where she is today


The University of Great Falls women's basketball team is hosting a four day summer basketball camp at the Mclaughlin Center.

The camp began on Monday, and it's led by women's head coach Bill Himmelberg, along with several players and assistant coaches. About 90 kids from elementary school through high school are expected to participate in the summer camp. On Monday, summer campers learned fundamentals such as shooting the basketball, making a layup, and they even had fun playing games. Coach Himmelberg says he enjoys helping the kids learn new skills and seeing them grow throughout the camp.

"It's very rewarding as a coach to be able to see a kid be able to come in the beginning of the week learn some skills and get better as the week goes on and just fall in love with our players a little bit and see them make that connection. It's very fun as a coach to watch they're growth," said head coach Bill Himmelberg.

"The reason I wanted to come here is because I love basketball of course and making hoops. It just inspires me for some reason, " said summer camper Alia Wood.

The camp will wrap up on Thursday.

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