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Pappas twins wish to continue as teammates in college

Pappas twins wish to continue as teammates in college

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Carter and Payton Pappas are identical twins who play baseball for the Helena Senators. In fact, they have been teammates their entire lives.

“There’s a level of comfort there,” Payton said. “It just relaxes us just a little bit more.”

As the best friends approach their senior years at Capital High School, the quiet, reserved brothers face the possibility of not being teammates in college.

“It would definitely be weird,” Carter said. “We’ve played on each other’s team since T-ball.”

The twins admit they share many similarities, but they are subtle differences. Carter is a right-handed catcher. Payton is a left-handed first baseman. So which twin is the better athlete?

“Well, just depends on who you ask,” Payton said.

“It just depends on the given day,” Carter said.

The humble brothers played it safe, but when they are at home, Carter says Payton is more dominant.

“[Payton] likes to drive more,” Carter said. “I’m more relaxed. So, I just let him do that kind of stuff.”

But Helena Senators Coach Dave Thennis can’t see either as prevailing over the other.

“I don’t know if I see either one of them bossing anybody around to be honest,” Coach Thennis said. “Maybe they boss each other around.”­­

Coach also needs help telling them apart.

“When they have their uniform on they have a number,” Thennis said. “Or when they have a glove on their hand I can tell who is who.”

The rising seniors hope to play  collegiate ball together, but whether it happens or not, they’ll cherish next year.

“It’s pretty special having your brother alongside you the whole way,” Payton said. “I’ve really enjoyed it.”

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