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Montana Expo Park Hosts Horse Racing Event

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The Montana Expo Park held a horse racing event on Saturday and Sunday. Fans had a chance to check out the horses before placing their bets to hopefully win some cash. Mother and daughter duo, Frankie Lawlor and Lori Mccormick, say they have been attending horse races together for over 20 years, and their selection process is pretty unique and systematic, as they analyze the horses and use highlighters to mark up their book. Most of all, these ladies say they enjoy the opportunity to continue bonding.

"It's is the bonding and yet there's excitement. You know it's really exciting. I just get such a thrill, and the athleticism of the horses. But the bonding is really great and it's always to have my daughter with me all the time," said Frankie Lawlor.

"It's just really an enjoyable vacation. It's nice weather here. We get to meet new people, new horse people. We get to meet some people that we met in the past. And it's our time. My mom and I, it's like our thing together. Nobody can hang with us like we do," said Lori McCormick.

Horse racing is back next weekend at the Montana Expo Park in Great Falls apart of the Montana State fair festivities. You can attend on Saturday, July 30-31, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.

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