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Horse Racing Kicks Off at Montana State Fair

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Today was the second day of the Montana State Fair in Great Falls and plenty of people filed into the grandstands to watch some horse racing. Fans had a chance to place bets on their favorite horse. Some of the attendees at the horse racing event have been involved with the sport for a long time and have attended plenty of races like this one in Great Falls.

"It's something I really enjoy. every race meet we went to they have the fairs. fairs are going on so it's amazing," said Joe Birdrattler, who has attended the fair for decades. Plus, there were some out of state visitors who had their eyes on winning some big money prizes, too.

"We are normally in Boise, Idaho at the big fair all summer but they closed so we're going new places this year and this is where we ended up. It's fun, we like going to the fairs, there's more people in the stands so that's fun and it makes people bring good horses to town, the money is always a little better so fairs are fun," said Terece Figueroa, whose husband is a jockey.

Races continue tomorrow at Montana Expo Park. The event starts at 1:00 p.m.

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