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Music Inspires Voyagers Frank Califano During Home Games

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Before Great Falls Voyagers outfielder Frank Califano walks up to the the batter's box, he enjoys a bit of musical inspiration.

"Now leading off for your Voyagers, number thirteen, left fielder Frank Califano,

The song that's blasting through the speakers at Centene Stadium is by,

"MC Breed, ain't no future in yo frontin," said outfielder Frank Califano.

It's a rap song that Califano is currently using as his walk up music during home games.

"Yeah you get up there a little swag. You know this is baseball and just be relaxed and be ready to play," said Califano.

This is his second walk up song so far this season, and the one before that is on the other side of the music spectrum.

"This year, I had Parliament Flashlight, old school funk. I like that because my parents got me into that," said Califano.

Frank also says just the few bars of tunes played before he steps up to bat helps to get him in the zone.

"I feel it gets you calm. It takes the pressure and takes the weight off your shoulder. You listen to your song that you enjoy, and you're like that's my song. That's what the walk up song is for," said Califano.

"Number thirteen, Frank Califano," said Voyagers announcer Chris Evans.

But, the guy behind the scenes that pushes the buttons to play the music and announces the players coming up to bat is Voyagers public announcer, Chris Evans. He says the players come up with their own walk up songs and even Califano tells him where to cue his music.

"There's that certain point in the song is the part that pumps you up. With Frank Califano's song, he's asked that I cue his current song fifty seconds in, so when it starts it's right there. He's ready to rock and roll," said Evans.

"With somebody like Frank and taking a look at the wide variety of music he likes, it gives you a little insight into the personality of the player," said Evans.

"Here's a bit of insight as a sports anchor. You sometimes get a bit nervous before you have to go on set, so I figured I would come up with a cool introduction with my walk up music to help get me pumped up for the sportscast," said sports anchor Alexis Hatfield.

"Next up, the lengthy right hander from Virginia all the way to Montana. Now stepping up to do her sportscast for SWX Montana, Alexis Hatfield," said Evans.

"Welcome into the SWX Studio, I'm Alexis Hatfield. And, now, I'm pumped up and ready to go," said Hatfield.

Back to Frank Califano, when I asked him to spit a few bars from his current walk up song, he respectively declined.

"No, I can't rap any of that I can't sing it. I just really enjoy it. It's a really good song. Thank you though," said Califano.

So I guess, he'll just allow the artist to rap and he'll just use that music as inspiration to help him perform his best for the Great Falls Voyagers.

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