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Great Falls Central's Tyler Stevens Attends Intensive Wrestling Camp to Prepare for Wrestling Season

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Great Falls Central's Junior Tyler Stevens is getting ready for the upcoming wrestling season, and he's already started putting in the work. Just a few weeks ago, Tyler attended the Eternal Warrior Wrestling camp in Trego, Montana. Before he even attended the camp, he trained for about two months to include working with strengthening, running and swimming coaches to help him get in the best shape. During the intensive 15 day camp, Stevens says he wrestled for two hours, three times a day. Tyler also had to take on a triathlon, which consisted of a one mile swim, a 16.5 mile run and he had to carry this log up the hill for 3.5 miles. He had to finish that to even graduate from the wrestling camp. and even though it was hard, Tyler couldn't give up.

"Every single time I thought about quitting, I just thought about how good I would be next wrestling season and how much success I would have. It definitely made me see my limits and how far I could go and beyond my limits and that's definitely going to help me during the wrestling season to keep me going during the match, said Tyler Stevens.

"It's awesome he put in the work and now he can take that to the wrestling room and show his teammates and the underclassmen that hey this is hard but you can push yourself way further on what he learned at the camp," said Mustangs head wrestling coach Eric Hinebauch.

Tyler also won the Eternal Warrior Margaret Mee award at the camp. Great Falls Central brought back it's wrestling program last year after not having one for over 40 years. Last year, Tyler finished second in the 182 weight class at the Southern B/C Divisional wrestling tournament. He also made it to the state tourney representing Great Falls Central Catholic.

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