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Wheat Prices won't breakeven on crop prices

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Wheat prices are down and farmers are faced with the fact they won't break even on this year's crop.  local wheat farmer Kyle Huestis says usually wheat sells for five to six dollars a bushel, this year it's around three dollars.   

nationally, wheat crops are abundant. But, that creates a surplus which contributes to low selling prices,low prices hurts everyone, says Huestis.

"There's not market for our gain it's just four dollar wheat your losing your money so everybody is just storing it and waiting for it come up so they can go into town and maybe spend a little money at local businesses"

He says grain has to sell at a high price to offset the production cost  like buying diesel, fertilizer, and even renting equipment for harvest. Huestis says until the price goes up all their wheat will stay in the silos.

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