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Day 5: MSU Northern Football Camp

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Five practices are in the bag for the MSU Northern Lights football team. The team will try to utilize every single second they have out on the practice field to help turn the image around of Lights football after a winless season last year.

“Last year was a tough year for everybody. It was a building year. For the guys returning we built a lot of comrade,  adversity builds that. Right now, we're just looking ahead, looking to win some games this year,” said junior quarterback Jess Krahn.

In order for Northern to win some games this season, second year head coach Aaron Christensen said his team’s offense needs to be more competitive in the Frontier Conference.

“I think when you’re in the Frontier the biggest thing as an offense you got to be physical. We’re trying to do that. You've got to be a team that's going to be able to run that ball and that's kind of our identity. We talk to our offense all of the time about being a physical offense,” he said.

In addition, MSU Northern returns over a dozen seniors to include running back Zach McKinley and defensive lineman Tyler Craig.

“I’m impressed I think everyone is pretty impressed where the offense is this year compared to last year. We’re instilling stuff that we didn’t even get to last season. The O line is looking great. I’m really impressed with the receivers and quarterbacks. It’s been good I think everybody is pretty positive about it,” said senior running back Zach Mckinley.

“Our big thing on defense is to stop the big plays and if we can eliminate those and get the offense going. I think we’ll be alright this year,” said senior defensive lineman Tyler Craig.

“Hoping to utilize our weapons this year. We’ve got Zach we got Jake. A couple of guys to kind of air the ball out but also to hit the ground game pretty hard too,” said Kahn.

The Lights will have their first game of the season in just a couple of weeks. But to just test where they are so far in fall practice they’ll have a scrimmage on Saturday at 9:00am and it’s open to the public.

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