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Young Cowboys and Cowgirls Learn Rodeo Skills at Camp

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More than 20 soon to be cowboys and cowgirls came to Cascade on Saturday, decked out head to toe for the first Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) camp.

"They woke up this morning like it was Christmas,” said parent Torri Mitchell.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd probably say a 10. It’s really fun,” said camper Dorian Mitchell.

Whether campers were first timers, or experienced riders, there was always something new to learn.

"I'm also known as Ms. Great Northern rodeo queen,” said camper Kylie Mikuski. 

"It taught me about balance," said Mikuski.

When the camp started, the future cowboys and cowgirls had a choice between learning how to steer wrestle or bareback ride, a horse, more or less.

"It goes up and down so it's pretty fun,” said camper Ryan Mitchell.

"It felt like you were gonna get thrown off,” said camper Grady Dow.

In order to make sure that didn't happen, a few instructors with decades of rodeo experience were on hand whom campers could turn to in order to learn proper technique and safety measures.

"They're funny and can teach you a lot," said camper Cynan Eggers.

One of those instructors on hand was Kelly Wardell, who has thirty years of rodeo experience under his belt.

"We want kids involved in rodeo. Everyone says it's a dying sport, but I see kids signing up for these all the time, and we have kids that come from these camps riding at the National Finals Rodeo,” said instructor Kelly Wardell.

"To be able to come out with other children and learn a craft that is rooted and grounded in Montana was really nice,” said Mitchell.

"It's great watching the kids. The big smiles on their face, a little bit of fear if they get a little bit of scared and then they get over that and get to having fun. It's great for us," said event organizer Pat Ober.

With the can do attitude of organizers and the willingness of instructors to teach such a popular sport in Big Sky country, it seems these kids could all have a future on the Pro Rodeo Circuit.

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