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8/29: Senior Standout - Fairfield's Cantor Coverdell and Chandler Allen

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Running back Cantor Coverdell along with tight end Chandler Allen are suited up for picture day with the Fairfield football team.

The two seniors are just days away from starting their final season with the Eagles.

"It's exciting I guess. Looking forward to it. It's going to be sad when it's over, but looking forward to it," said Cantor Coverdell.

Last year, both Coverdell and Allen played a part in helping the Eagles win all twelve of their games, including the biggest one, which was the 2015 Class B State football championship against Huntley Project. The Eagles won 27-13 to win the team's first state title since 2011, and even better, Fairfield won that game right on their home field.

"Feels really good just being able to make a ton of memories with your best friends and be able to work your butt off and finally come out like on top successful. And that was honestly my greatest years of high school," said senior Chandler Allen.

Of course, both guys want to win another state title too.

"Oh yea for sure. You cant settle for one. Everyone wants one, but more than one would be better," said Coverdell.

"You always have that goal in mind to try and make it to the state championship, and this year we're all just trying to work hard everyday. We're taking one day at a time and making sure that everybody is pushing themselves, trying their hardest. We'll see where it gets us," said Allen.

Besides football, both guys have played basketball and participated on the track and field team for Fairfield. Cantor has won consecutive Class B State titles in the triple jump as a sophomore and junior.

Both guys have a fun side too. Cantor says Chandler likes to dance.

"He likes to dance that's one thing. He likes to get down when the music's going. It's always entertaining in the locker room," said Coverdell.

Chandler decided to take another route to describe his teammate Cantor.

"He's probably like the most naturally athletic kid I've ever seen," said Allen. 

But that didn't last for long because he would get him back for calling him out too.

"Cantor is a pretty good dancer too, he likes dance in the locker rooms too and right before practice and stuff like that," said Allen.

Back to football, head coach Les Myer says both guys were major contributors on his football team as juniors.

"Those are fun people to coach and when they turn out to be good football players, that's a bonus," said head coach Les Myer. 

And now that they're seniors, coach Myer hopes the experience representing Eagles football has been worth while.

"I hope that when they graduate and when they are done with high school football, I hope it was as special for them as they made it for us as coaches and for the community and their parents."

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