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Great Falls to benefit from Montana grown eggs

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Eggs, the common breakfast staple, but in Great Falls they're much more than that, they are a million dollar industry. 

"Eggs really are big business in Great Falls, when you look at a facility that is going to supply eggs to Costco's all over Montana and parts of Washington that's a big deal." said Jolene Schalper, the Director of Business Development for the Great Falls Development Authority. 

Currently Wilcox Family Farms, a Washington based company that services the whole northwest, runs the Great Falls egg grading facility on Stuckey Road.

"Our goal as a company is to keep our eggs as local as possible, so instead of shipping eggs from the Seattle area to Montana we can produce them locally." said Brent Wilcox, 

But with the growing demand for Montana grown eggs they are building a new facility. A 6.6 million dollar egg plant on 38th Street. 

"They're under construction now, they have started moving dirt around and will be pulling their permit shortly." said Schalper  

The eggs at the facility come directly from our local Hutterite colonies, who raise their chickens cage free, and some of the eggs will be certified as organic. 

"About 15 years ago we started working with the Montana Hootarite colonies so now more than 70% of the  birds are cage free and organic and the remaining colonies will transition over a 10 year period." said Wilcox. 

 The facility is expected to begin shipping eggs by early 2018.

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