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9/26: Senior Standout - Helena High's Taelyr Krantz

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Watching Taeylr on the floor, no one believes she picked up volleyball in the eighth grade. Taeylr's dad receives credit for nudging her toward the sport, but the 5-foot-11 senior is glad she listened.

"I wasn't sure if I wanted to play," Krantz said. "[My dad] pushed me to play and I'm better for it."

Now, Taeylr is a captain. She also serves as a second pair of eyes for Coach Lindsey Day during matches.

"It's hard to come by athletes like that," Day said. "She does everything we ask and goes above and beyond."

An example Taeylr and coach will never forget came in the playoffs last year against Big Sky. When Tayelr's kill in the last game sent the team to the state finals.

"That moment for me was the first time I had even been to a state tournament," Krantz said. "It was a huge moment for our team."

Taeylr is a two-sport athlete and colleges are showing interest. Where she signs depends on a university's academic standing rather than their athletic prowess.     

"If the school I get an offer to isn't academically where I want it to be," Krantz said, "I would have to give that up for academics."

Taeylr's teammates describe her as having a "crazy and intense" personality. Off the floor, Taeylr says she is a normal kid. Both are true, but together they make her exceptional.

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