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10/3: Senior Standout - CMR's Halley Myers & McKenzie Nicholson

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Every CMR Lady Rustler has a quote on their back: Somebody's gotta pay. But for the soccer program, Coach Willie Payette has another outlook: Somebody's gotta lead. This year, that leadership position fell to the team's two seniors: Halley Myers and McKenzie Nicholson.

"They know when to lean on a girl and when to pat her on the back and when to be an encouraging teammate," said Coach Pyette.

But for Myers and Nicholson..their transition into the leadership role hasn't been easy. They say their teammates have taught them more than they could ever imagine.

"They always show me how to keep a smile on my face and keep positive. I always have someone on the team to talk to," said Myers.

"I learned to keep on playing or keep with whatever you're gonna do, cause like this season for example, it might start out hard, but you'll learn and grow and be able to face whatever challenges you're forced with," said Nicholson.

Last season the team had 11 seniors. This year, with only two seniors, it started off as being:

"Very scary," said Myers.

"It's crazy! You come in your freshman year being like, 'Oh I'm so tiny and these are all such great players' and next thing you know you're on varsity with your best friends and you're those leaders," said Nicholson.

"It's nice to have McKenzie by my side to make it easier," Myers adds.

These seniors have proven to all those who surround them that they are not only exceptional leaders, but exceptional people.

"One of the reasons I like to coach is to be involved with young ladies like that who are outstanding not just on the field but in the classroom and will make wonderful citizens," said Coach Payette.

The girls added that being on the same team for a long time has helped them grow together, and given them time to have some fun.

"You get a few nicknames  as you go through teams and Halley's nickname has always been Squishy on our team," said Nicholson.

"Her old nickname was Big Mac. She was always one of the smallest girls with pigtails so we always used to be like "Yo Big Mac!!" said Myers.

It may be the last season you'll see "Squishy" and "Big Mac" on the field in the green and gold, but they'll carry their leadership with them forever.

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