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Encountering a bear during a hunt

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Great Falls - Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) says that four people were attacked by bears last month in Montana, and one local sports store manager says he's lucky enough to have come within 50 yards of a Grizzly, and walk away to tell the tale.

Keith Gebo is the manager at Big Bear Sports Center in Great Falls, and he's also an avid bow hunter.Last month, he and a friend were out looking for elk near Augusta.He was making calls to attract an elk to their location when he noticed something that he initially thought looked like a moose. Instead it was a Grizzly so Gebo got his bear spray ready but he says he never had to use it. He says the bear came within 50 yards of him, and he even grabbed his gun to shoot it in the air to scare it, but says that's when the bear took off. 

"If a bear is actively charging, you've got to have your wits about you because the two shots you could do for a warning shot may be the only two shots you would have at the bear. So everybody has to decide and again, role play, think about what you're going to do before it happens," said Gebo. 

Gebo says that he's been hunting his whole life..and every year, he sees several bears during his hunts. He says the closest a grizzly ever came to him..was within about 10 yards, and that was about five years ago at Waterton National Park in Canada. 

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