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Cascade Football Racks Up First Winning Record in Years

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The Cascade Badgers have had an under-the-radar season losing only one game to the undefeated Belt team. However, Coach Jay Fredrickson says there's still things to work on this week as they face Fort Benton.

At 5-1, this is the best record the Cascade football team has seen in years. With only four underclassmen on the team, players and coaches agree the chance to play for many seasons has helped the team come together and polish mistakes.

"A lot of our success is attributed to the kids, for sure," said head coach Jay Fredrickson. "They're playing better than they have. They're more confident than they've been."

Junior quarterback Josh Pepos recently made the transition from running back to quarterback, and says he's used the leadership position to help the team focus.

"I think just the difference in mental toughness. Just a different outlook at everything," Pepos said. "We've been studying every week and getting ready to face our opponents so it's really had an impact on the team."

Even with such a strong record, there's still work for the Badgers to do. 

"Executing faster. Knowing you assignments all the time both offensively and defensively, and just being able to play the game at a higher tempo, a higher pace," Coach Fredrickson mentioned.

With playoffs on the horizon in November, Coach Fredrickson says the Badgers are working on cleaning up their execution.

"I'm a believer in that you take care of the little things and the wins come. You don't take care of the little things, then you don't win."

While the Badgers winning record is something to be proud of, Frederickson says how they play is more important.

"Winning isn't our ultimate goal, it's an end result of the product that we're trying to put on the field."

And if the Badgers continue winning week after week, they could possibly see themselves competing  in this year's Class 8-man state playoffs.

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