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10/24: Senior Standout: CMR's Lane Jensen & Xavier Pace

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With only one game left on the gridiron, seniors Lane Jensen and Xavier Pace are soaking in the last moments as CMR Rustler football players.

"It's all starting to come down, like wow, it went down really fast. You gotta make the most of it because pretty soon it's all gonna be a memory, so you just gotta have fun with your brothers and go out and play hard," said senior Lane Jensen.

"It's just kinda crazy to look at where I was to where I am now. I have a lot of memories with this team," said senior Xavier Pace.

Anyone who knows these two are able to see how they impact those around them.

"You could tell at a young age that these two were special kids. They're important to the program. They're the definition of what a CMR football player is. They're good students, great citizens, they're good in school," said head coach Gary Lowry.

Lane and Xavier don't take their moments as a Rustler for granted.

"Football season will be over in a couple weeks but these friendships aren't gonna be over, we're gonna have them for the lifetime."

With these friendships, you learn a little bit about each other that everyone doesn't always get to see.

"Something people don't know about Xavier Pace, he's a terrible kicker. He's been trying for the kicker position for four years now and just gets shut down every practice. You just don't got it dude. Just give up," said Jensen.

"Whatever he said about me is an absolute lie other than me being a good person.I'm a great kicker. I don't know why he said I'm not a good kicker. I could outkick him any time of the day. Probably outthrow him too. He's luck I play defense or else I'd probably take his quarterback spot," said Pace.

Whether they're competing over positions, getting involved in the community or tearing it up on the gridiron, one thing for sure is that Lane and Xavier will remember their time at C.M. Russell forever.

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