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Voting booth selfies may get you in trouble

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 As election day gets closer, we decided to take a look at laws about pulling out your smartphone in a voting booth.

Pulling out your phone and taking a pic for Instagram or Snapchat with your "I Voted" sticker seems to be a favorite among social media users. But taking it to the next level and snapping a picture in the voting booth is a no-no in many states.

The Secretaries of State in Montana and Wyoming say there are no laws regarding selfies or pictures in voting booths. Montana Secretary of State Spokeswoman, Emily Dean, says election administrators have authority to limit disruptive activity.

Sharing absentee ballot photos also are not banned.

Montana State University Poly Sci Professor, Nisha Bellinger, says voting laws are influenced by both, federal and state levels.

"I think if people want to publicize that they are voting, I mean there are different ways to get votes out and so if people think that
publicizing that they're voting for someone is OK that shouldn't really be a problem," Bellinger said.

According to the Associated Press, taking a photo is currently illegal in 30 states.

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