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Martinko Family Divided During World Series

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Meet the Martinkos. Their family is divided this 2016 World Series. Don, the dad, is originally from Ohio and he's a Cleveland Indians fan. Justyn, the son, is a Chicago Cubs fan and Diedre, the mom, is split, literally, but she's mainly rooting for the Cubs.

"Just because they are the underdogs and because it's been so much longer that they've been to the world series and won the world series," said Diedre Martinko.

"I hope the Indians win", said Don Martinko.

"It's been a relief to now not finally be ashamed to be a Cubs fan. Before you always get told you're a Cubs fan aww that sucks. "You really hope they break the curse and get it over with," said Justyn Martinko.

Justyn is away at college, but watches the games with his family via video chat. This video technology has caused some problems too.

"We find out that he gets the feed a little faster than we do. So he'll be sitting there and gasp and we'll see the play five or 10 seconds later. Sometimes it's not fair," said Don Martinko.

Both teams have split one game a piece so far this World series, but when it comes down to crowning a winner, I had to ask the Martinkos if they would be able to handle the outcome.

"I would be bitter if they lost, it's heartbreaking," said Justyn Martinko.

"I will accept either one. I'm good with either one," said Diedre Martinko.

"I'll be okay with the outcome as long as the Indians win," said Don Martinko.

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