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UGF Enters Wrestling Season With a 3-0 Record

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With a 3-0 start, the UGF wrestling team is proving they're able to compete with just about anyone. Even with a young team and fresh talent, the Argos aren't backing down.

"The youth is showing that they can prevail and not get that excitement level too high or too low," said head coach Caleb Schaeffer.

"They have this energy. They're young. And even though I'm old...older...they give me that extra energy sometimes which I need it," said junior wrestler Khaldoon Rashid. "They make me feel young again."

Even with such a strong start, UGF isn't letting their record get to their heads.

"We really just try to keep our composure," said redshirt freshman Randy Keesler. "We know that they're great wins for us but we just gotta keep our poise and not get too high on the highs and too low on the lows."

This is the first season in years where the Argos have gone in unranked, but veteran members like seventh ranked Kaldhoon Rashid says they're looking to work with the underclassmen to change that soon.

"All the younger guys are watching," said Rashid. "I want to make sure they're observing, they're learning, I want to make sure they have good habits by the time I get out of here."

"It's been really awesome with all the older guys we have," said Keesler. "They're really good role models and they've set us up to where we are now."

And the Argos are all keeping the bigger picture in mind.

"We don't train all year for the duel wins," said Rashid. "We're trying to get something bigger and better."

And if they can keep up the momentum, the Argos may see themselves in the rankings again soon. 

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