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11/21: Senior Standout - Belt Huskies Football Senior Class

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Before the coin toss of every Belt Huskies football game, seniors Taylor Olson, Jess Bodner, Harry Green, and Jaren Maki walk hand in hand to the middle of the field.

"I wouldn't want to play with any other group of senior guys," Bodner said.

That's because these four are the Huskies leaders, and even more so, brothers.

"We all have such a great bond and there was just an energy," Olson said.

"We clicked right away. We were a really close group," added Maki.

Picture the Huskies as a blueprint: each player's unique skill set serving as one component to Head Coach Jeff Graham's well-oiled machine. First, the nuts and bolts:

"Taylor's quiet determination. He doesn't talk much but he gets after it come game time," Graham said.

And every machine needs some power.

"Jaren's our vocal leader; our energy guy," he added.

Some parts serve more than one function.

"Jess is so dynamic. He can do so many things whether he's kicking or catching or at running back."

Finally, the machine can't run unless everything is in the right place.

"Harry is the brains behind the operation. He gets everyone into their spots on offense and gets those guys going."

This machine quickly silenced doubters as the Huskies ended their season with an 11-1 record and an appearance in the state playoff semifinals. 

"We weren't picked very high or to go very far in the playoffs so to do what we did is really something special," Bodner said.

Even though their high school football careers are over, their bond will last a lifetime.

"I love those guys and i was just glad we had the season we had," Green said.

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