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Slowing down by an accident could be a matter of life or death

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This cold winter weather has created hazardous road conditions for both drivers and first responders. 

recently Great Falls Fire and Rescue shared a video campaign with us that emphasizes the importance of slowing down when you see emergency vehicles because they say there are always emergency personnel working around those accidents. 

The video, created by the Winnipeg Police Service is titled,"just slow down - collateral damage."

Here's the link:

We  spoke with Great Falls Police and Great Falls Fire and Rescue to hear their take on such an important issue.

Recently there have been quite a few accidents reported on the highway we asked.that's also the case here in the city?

Sergeant Mitchell with the great falls police department said the icy roads have caused a high number of accidents  this week in the City of Great Falls. 

With that in mind, along the current road conditions,  it's important now more than ever to remind drivers to slow down especially near accidents.

"there's been a couple of gentleman killed ........In conditions like this where somebody didn't slow down or wasn't paying attention and ended up plowing through an accident scene," Said Capt. Egged

Captain Nolan Eggen said its in these situations that more lives could be harmed then there should be....and that's why the great falls police and fire department want drivers to slow down and keep their eyes on the road instead of focusing on the accident your driving by.

"I've been on a number of accidents that secondary accidents have been caused by that, so you just got to pay attention to what's in front of you" 

Just last week the Great Falls Police Department posted a traffic alert on their facebook page reporting they responded to three accidents in just minutes of each other. 

"We've had several accidents over this last week, over 40 reported accidents some of those including injury accidents, we've  had several hit and run accidents as well" said Sgt. Mitchell

Sergeant Mitchell  said drivers also need to remember to drive slowly when approaching the scene of an accident because it can be a matter of life or death for the victims and first responders..

"There's so many close calls with vehicles and it might be a matter of just not paying attention or eyes are somewhere else or who knows what their deal was but we've come close so many time to having some major accidents."

One piece of advice from Captain Eggen is if you do start sliding, take your foot off the gas and turn the opposite way. For example if your car is fish tailing to the to the left turn your wheel to the right. 

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