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12/12: Senior Standout - Choteau's Darrien Garcia

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If you aren't familiar with the name Darrien Garcia right now odds are at the end of basketball season you will be.

"He can get to the rim real easy. He can dribble past you, hard to guard, very smooth," said sophomore guard Sayer Patton.

"He's a really great player and we'll need him to lead this year," said junior guard Jonathan Moore.

That's because Darrien is the only senior on the team who has played in a Bulldog uniform before.

"He is one of our captains. He's really matured the last couple of years," coach Matt Leudtke said.

"He'll teach you on the court and explain stuff, point out what we need to do to get better," Moore added.

When Darrien teaches, his teammates listen. It's a relationship that goes beyond the hardwood. But that's not the only thing his teammates love about him.

"He's funny. We joke around a lot," said Patton.

"He's a good friend. He's got your back all the time," added Moore.

It's that special bond that the Bulldogs will need in order to win their third straight title. At the forefront of it all: number eleven, who will be counted on for his intensity, and to get his teammates on the same level.

"He just shows it on the court which really gets our other players going. When you see him make a big play it gets you going," Moore said.
"He's the kind of kid where we are going to go as he goes. He has the ability to make everyone on the court better and if he continues to play that way then the sky is the limit."

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