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Lynda Morin Fuels CMR Rustlers

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Every Wednesday, Lynda Morin spends hours baking her good luck cookies for the athletes at C.M. Russell high school.

"There's always something you can do if you want to help," Lynda said.

It all starts with the crack of a few eggs, and a few more ingredients - brown sugar, flour and her personal twist, butter flavored Crisco, then it's time to mix.

Every week for the past five years, Lynda makes anywhere between 100 to 200 cookies.

"It's for fun," she said. "It's fun for me. I love the Rustlers and they love my cookies so it works well for all of us."

There's more than just measured ingredients inside her cookie batter.

"The secret is they're made with love," she added.

So much love, she makes sure there's not one cookie smaller than the rest.  

Then, the cookies go straight into the oven, and after eleven minutes, she takes them out to cool, and then they're off to her Rustlers.

At basketball practice, the players definitely know who Lynda is.

"Oh yeah, she's like the CMR super fan," said senior guard Xavier Pace. "She's awesome."

And when she arrives, the athletes flock around her to get warm cookies and chocolate milk.

"My favorite part of doing it is when I take it to the kids and they're excited to see that they get cookies," Lynda said.

"They're the best cookies hands down that you'll probably ever eat in your entire life. Don't tell my mom I said that," Xavier said.

The Rustler coaches also appreciate her support for their teams.

"She's the kind of parent you dream about to have in your program," said girls basketball coach Brian Crosby. "The cookies have turned into the most amazing tradition in the history of the world."

"I think it makes a difference because these kids know that she's there and they can count on her," added boys basketball coach John Cislo.

To some, it may seem like a lot to spend hours each week baking treats for kids who aren't even hers. But to Lynda, there's no question about it.

"I love the kids that work hard for the green and gold, and that's why I take them cookies," Lynda said.

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