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Home for the holidays

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Coming home for the holidays is something so many plan months in advance.  But then there are those who wont be home for Christmas like many in our military. However every once in a while that Christmas wish is granted. 

Born and raised in Great Falls, Private First Class Ross Bradshaw has the electric city racing through his veins.he decided to fight for his country and  enlisted in the United States Army and then tragedy struck.   

"Our family went through a lot of turmoil last year with the passing of my dad and I been away most of this year and its been hard on them and as well with me missing a lot of firsts, holidays without my dad as well as me." 

He says knowing his family supports him gets him through when he's away from them.  in fact he said he carries his favorite letters from his niece, nephews and god daughter in his pocket. But today with the help of his close friends, he's granted them a Christmas wish and comes home. 

Here at Our Lady of Lourdes Church his family is got a very special Christmas  present

As families fill the church for Christmas mass, it can be a time of refection and a time to say a prayer for those unable to join this year. For one mother Marilyn Bradshaw whose son Ross is currently serving in the military the holidays are a time of both happiness and sadness

"I know hes doing what he wants to do and hes very happy to do it, its a sacrifice we all have to make and a lot of people have to make this same sacrific. keep em close in your heart and prayer for them always that they will be safe. "

Little does she know as shes waiting for mass to begin her son is waiting to surprise her 
she gets called up to the front of the church to watch a Christmas video he made for her and that's when he makes his entrance.

Private First Class Bradshaw said this last week has been the longest week of his life
and that just  proves Christmas miracles do come true. 

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