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Conrad's Augusta VanDyke Pitches in for Cowgirls Despite a Serious Injury

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Conrad's Augusta VanDyke has experienced an injury that's any athlete's biggest nightmare - tearing her ACL.

"It's one of those injuries where you can't slow it down, or speed it up, I guess, because if you speed it up, you have a risk of tearing it again," said VanDyke.

While most kids spent their summer enjoying time off in the sun, Augusta, or "Gus" as her teammates call her, spent time undergoing surgery. The day after her surgery, she insisted on meeting her new basketball coach, Brett Morehouse.

"She doesn't remember that meeting because of the painkillers that she was on due to knee surgery, but that said to me a lot about the effort that she took," Coach Morehouse said. "She had her dad literally carry her into the gym."  

During recovery, Augusta has dedicated all her time to helping the team in whatever way she can. 

"She's always here," said junior guard Dalayne VanDyke. "I don't think she's missed one practice unless it was for an appointment, but it helps knowing that she's still here with us."

"She stays after practice and works on stuff that she can't do," said junior guard Payton Nelson. "She's really trying to improve herself and she's there for the team."  

"She does what she can," Coach Morehouse added. "She does her rehab work here at practice in addition to the rehab work she does at the hospital. I'm just really impressed with her work ethic and attitude." 

That attitude is what Augusta says has gotten her through tough times.

"During games, it's super hard to sit and watch, but I think the most important thing I try to do is stay positive for my team and try to cheer them on, even though I can't be out there with them," VanDyke said.

While an injury may slow some student athletes down, it's only pushed Augusta to work harder.

"A lot of kids get injuries like this, and they tend to be down, and they tend to separate themselves from the team, whether consciously or subconsciously," Coach Morehouse said. "She's done the opposite."

Coach Morehouse adds that Gus has almost become an assistant coach for the team - always giving feedback and keeping stats on her iPad during games.

"She's there every possession, just not physically," Coach Morehouse said. "Augusta's a perfect example of what we want the girls in our program to be." 

Augusta also encourages others who may be struggling with an injury to keep a good mindset.

"I know I'm not the only kid with this injury, so if it does happen to happen to you, you just have to try to stay positive," VanDyke said.

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