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CMR's Xavier Pace Sits Down with Clara Goodwin to Talk About Commitment to Carroll

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Clara: Alright, thanks Kurt. I'm here with former Senior Standout, former Student Athlete of the Week, pretty much everything we've done - Xavier Pace has been a part of. We had to bring him in and talk to him about his recent commit to Carroll. So first of all, congratulations.

Xavier: Thank you, thank you so much.

Clara: We're all very excited for you. I guess my first question for you, kind of what everyone's wanting to know, is how are you feeling right now? Are you excited? I know it's kind of bittersweet. 

Xavier: Yeah, yeah...bittersweet's probably a perfect word to say. I'm leaving my high school. I've been there for four years. I've made a lot of good friends. I know a lot of coaches personally and they've just been a really big impact on my life. But I'm super excited to go to Carroll. Starting my college career as a football player - that's kind of crazy to say coming from a freshman and looking back at that now - going off to college to play football, that's kind of crazy.

Clara: Getting to this point was probably pretty hard for you. You've played three sports for the past four years and having all these schools coming at you. How did you ultimately get to Carroll College?

Xavier: The coaches reached out to me probably last summer in June or something like that. That kind of caught my eye that they were going to try to recruit me hard and stuff. That was just a really big thing with myself. I really like the program. They were always a top contender in the NAIA and I think they're a really prestigious school - academically too. Academics is a big thing for me - just to see where they're at like what I can major in there and what they have to offer me is just also a really big thing. Ultimately I just felt at home at Carroll. So that's pretty much why I chose them. I love their staff, I love their coaching staff, I love their players they surround themselves with. They're all guys that want to win championships and that's what I'm all about. 

Clara: Alright so you still have a lot to look forward to this season. Luckily for us we still have lots of time to see Xavier before he goes off to Helena with the rest of basketball season and track.

Xavier: Yes. Thank you.

Clara: We're very very excited that. That's so awesome. Thanks so much for coming in, Xavier. We appreciate it.

Xavier: Thank you.

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