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1/9: Senior Standout - Choteau's Payton and Payge Durocher

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Anyone who watches a Choteau Lady Bulldogs basketball game is forced to see double. Identical twins Payton and Payge Durocher are not only side by side in the backcourt, but have been side by side since day one: Literally.

"When you go through high school you kind of find out about everybody and she's been there," said Payton Durocher.

It's a relationship where the twins know they can count on each other.

"Definitely the one person you know isn't going to leave you hanging because you don't really have a choice," said Payge Durocher.

Just looking at the Durochers it's hard to tell who's who. Even those who see the twins on a regular basis have trouble.

"We were in 5th grade and we switched on our teachers for April Fools Day and we did all of each other's homework and stuff like that. We told them after school and the 
teachers weren't too upset about it," said Payton.

After having a little fun, the two decided to make it easier one everyone.

"I got blonde highlights and she put dark in hers so it's easier to tell us apart that way," said Payton.

Even though the twins might seem interchangeable, at times they want to stand out. Payton is six minutes older and says she holds that against her sister."

"But I'm taller so I use that against her all the time, too," Added Payge.

Their relationship also helps motivate them because neither wants to be overshadowed by the other.

"It always gives somebody to push you in everything you do so that helps a lot."

Payton and Payge have played basketball with each other since they learned how to dribble. It's that chemistry that really sets them apart on the team.

"We've played together long enough that we kind of know where each other like to go and the things we like to do," said Payton.

It's that style of play that has the Durocher twins and their Lady Bulldogs looking like a state championship contender.

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