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Girl Power: CMR Wrestler Defies Odds

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If you take a look at the CMR wrestling team, someone might stick out to you: junior Cecelia Grasseschi. But to the Rustlers, she's just as important as anyone else.

"She's a part of the team, and we don't really look at her as 'oh, we have one girl member on the team' or anything like that," said head coach Aaron Jensen.

After managing the team her freshman year and watching her brother wrestle, Cece asked head coach Aaron Jensen:

"Hey, what would you think about me coming out for wrestling?"

And she hasn't looked back since.

"For the past two years, she has not missed a single practice, she hasn't missed a single morning practice, she hasn't missed a meet," said Coach Jensen. "She works extremely hard. She doesn't expect any favors."

Cece says being a female in a male dominated sport hasn't affected her.

"I feel like everyone's getting way more accepting of it," Cece said. "I have a couple other girl wrestlers I'm friends with where they have horror stories where guys will refuse to wrestle them or they've just gotten bad looks. But I've never come across any of it. Everyone I've wrestled has been really great."

"Once wrestling starts, she's treated the same way and she expects to be treated the same way," added Coach Jensen.

Female wrestling is becoming more recognized, even here in the Treasure State, as University of Great Falls athletics department announced the start of a women's wrestling program. Cece says that opens new doors for her.

"It's definitely an option now, but the fact that it's become more of a credilized thing. It's always been there, but it's very marginalized," Cece said. "People will often overlook it. It's becoming more important, it's great."

Cece encourages any female who's looking into the sport to give it a chance.

"After the first couple of times, it's just not weird anymore. You're just part of the team and it just feels great and it's definitely worth doing" Cece said. "This has been one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life."

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