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Tyrell Smith Takes Big Saddle Bronc Lead into Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals

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You have a really really big lead in the standings within the saddle bronc this year by almost 18,000 dollars by Jim Croff the President of the Circuit Finals, says is a single season record within saddle bronc, how does that make you feel to know that you have that much of lead and have the record under your belt."

"It was actually the goal that I set out to do. Beginning of the season I wasn't planning on rodeoing hard and my goal was to win a circuit title finally and I've tried to for almost ten years, and I think i've got it done this year."

"I mean to go into the circuit finals trying to put three good rides on and hopefully you come out on top if you are doing your job right. This year is a big deal because the money we win at the circuit finals counts at the world standings which makes a huge difference come winter rodeo time. After the circuit finals, we go south if you have six to ten thousand dollars won you don't have to go south long, a little more time at home."

"Last year you went down to Kissimmee Florida for the Ram National Circuit finals down there, so I guess talk to me about competition when you were competing there and you've ushered yourself to going back to Florida."

"it's pretty nice to know that I'm going back for  third time. The first two times, I didn't really make a big of splash that I'd like to. I rodeo against those guys year round anyways, I'd like to go down this year with a little better game plan and a better situation and ride better and hopefully come out with a Ram National title and at least come out with a little bit of money."

"if you want to check catch Tyrell Smith, you can catch him January 13-15 at the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals, be sure to check him out, we'll definitely get him in the highlight action."

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