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1/16: Senior Standout - Capital's Bradley Haller

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Bradley Haller's quiet demeanor contrasts with his dominating performance on the basketball floor. The senior forward leads the team in points, rebounds and steals.

"I guess I'm happy with it," Haller said, "but I'm hungry for more."

At 6-foot-4, Haller was also an imposing presence at wide receiver. He's received interest in both sports but is unsure which sport he'll play in college.

"I'm just going to go wherever the flow takes me," Haller said. "I love them both."

As college looms in the background, it makes Haller reminisce about his high school career.

"It's pretty sad I only have a few more months here," Haller said. "I'm mean I'm excited but I'm also sad at the same time."

Haller said he'll miss friends the most, which includes teammate Marcus Welnel. The two often play video games but the competition is one-sided.

"Oh I win every time," Welnel said, "no matter what video game we play."

"I'm not very good at video games," Haller said, "but I love the competition. Even when I lose I want to play again."

They'll be plenty of time for Haller to earn video game wins this summer, but right now he's focused on producing wins during the second half of the season.

"Make it State," Haller said. "That's all we are trying to do is just make it to State. Win our conference and make it to State."

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