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Centerville's Kade Landon Puts in Extra Work to Honor Lost Friend

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In athletics many teams and players come together to play for something:

"We just want to get to state this year," said Centerville senior Kade Landon.

Or, it might working hard so the athlete can play in college.

"Football or basketball at the next level. One of those two," said Landon.

Given all those goals, if it looks like Centerville's Kade Landon is doing the work of two people, it's because he is.

"He was like a second brother to me," Landon said.

Four years ago Kade lost his best friend Jacob.

"We were driving along one of the back roads when he fell out," Landon said. "We did everything together. We were just there for each other no matter what."

And the two still are. Jacob's name and football number are also permanently a piece of Kade.

"He got that tattoo as soon as possible," said senior post player Briggs Judd.

The tribute didn't stop there.

"When I was playing football I had his name on my football cleats," said Landon. "And now that I'm playing basketball I have him on the back of my calf."

Kade's tattoo even plays a part in his pre-game ritual.

"I look at that before every game and remember him," Landon said.

"He uses that as motivation and that's the best thing you can do with that," added head coach Todd Klasner.

That motivation is certainly evident. When Kade's out on the court, no one plays harder.

"He works for Jacob maybe thinking that if he was on the court they would be doing that stuff together," said Judd.

The loss of Jacob still affects Kade

"It hurt a lot. But it helped motivate me to play for him."

But it has also brought him and the rest of the Centerville basketball team closer. 

"We want to play for Jacob. What is this other team playing for?" added Judd.

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