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CMR Spirit Leaders Carry on Tradition Each Year

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"Are you going to put this on the TV? Cause that'd be so funny," said senior yellow hat holder Adam Agamenoni.

Whether they're the only people at a sophomore girls game, or joined by all their peers at the varsity boys crosstown matchup, you can always count on the CMR Spirit Leaders to be at the games.

"I'm always in the front row having a good time, and it's always exciting to put everyone else in a good mood," said senior pink hat holder Xiomara Gaibor-Intriago.

The seniors who receive the pink hat, the yellow hat, and the spirit stick are part of a tradition that's been going on longer than these students have been alive. 

"As an underclassman, you kinda look up and be like 'oh, that'd be kinda cool to have that," said senior spirit stick holder Lane Jensen. "When I finally got it, it was kind of surreal. Like wow, alright. Guess I gotta do some stuff now."
"I was like oh...I'm gonna get it. I'm gonna get it," Gaibor-Intriago said.

The tradition has almost become a legacy...

"It's kinda funny having it around cause I have friends that are like 'oh, can I try it on?! And I'm like, yeah...sure," Agamenoni said.

...and those who receive the honor don't treat it lightly. 

"You gotta go to all the games, make sure you're not just sitting there on your phone constantly," Gaibor-Intriago said. "Supporting your team basically."

"Energy is huge, and I try to bring the energy," Agamenoni said.

"It's not always about the games, but how you carry yourself outside of the games," Jensen said.

And after their rowdy season comes to an end, each leader must pass on their spirit token to the craziest member of the upcoming senior class. They say they choose by:

"Keepin' a close eye on the juniors," Jensen said. "Who's showing up and who's comin' and who's being a good person. Guess we'll find out senior celebration when I hand it down."

"I don't know if I'm gonna give it up, actually. I might just keep it," Agamenoni said. "When we go up there to give out the spirit items, I just won't go, I'll just be like I forgot it."

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