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Rock Lotto rehearsals underway in Missoula

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Missoula musicians face a unique challenge this week, pairing up with other performers for the first time as part of a concert for charity.

The 5th annual Rock Lotto will feature 10 separate bands as musicians are randomly paired together, many for the first time ever.

This year's theme captures music from the 1986, and the 10 bands will perform a combination of songs from albums released in that year.

The event is sponsored by the Zootown Arts Community Center, and Executive Director Kia Liszak said this event takes everyone back to the fun side of making music.

 "It's impossible to be able to practice enough to get really good, but you can have a really good time,” said Liszak. “I think its always good for people to sort of get thrown into situations where theres people that they don't know as well, people that generally specialize in playing a totally different type of music than they do, so they can all kind of grow together."

Rock Lotto is one of several methods ZACC uses to fund alternative music camps for Western Montan children, which teaches youth and teens from various age groups and experience levels how to make music in a week-long period.

Liszak says these alternative camps culminate in live performances as well.

As for Rock Lotto, the 10 bands will gather together to perform at the Palace Lounge on February 25th.

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