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Griff Bye Coaches Over 900 Games in Basketball Career

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Five schools, 25 years, and more than 900 games - that's all part of the journey of Power head coach Griff Bye.

"The coolest thing about it is definitely the kids," Coach Bye said. "It's really cool to be a part of so many kid's lives."

And the kids he coaches are more than happy to learn from him.

"He just has a lot of experience and that's helped us," said senior guard Logan Smoot. "He's fit an offense for the type of kids that we have now which is good for our school."

"I think it's a great part of our team because he has so much knowledge of the game," said junior guard JV Somerfeld.

It's hard to miss Coach Bye on the sidelines - he foregoes the typical suit and tie for a more relaxed look.

"The Adidas have always been there," Coach Bye said. "The Hawaiian shirts started at North Star a few years back and I kinda liked it so I stayed with it."

"It makes him more friendly," Somerfeld said. "It shows to us that he likes to have fun. He doesn't care what he wears. Bright colors, enthusiasm, it's a great thing."

"Plus..I'm not really a dressy guy anyways, so it works out pretty good that way," Coach Bye added.

And his animated wardrobe translates directly to how he is as a person.

"To have him on our team, it's an honor, because I come out of a long day of school and I'm exhausted. I get to practice and he's all enthused and hyped up. 'you ready to go JV?' 'I guess as much as I'll ever be," Somerfeld said.

No matter where Griff's journey takes him, one thing for certain is that he'll never stop loving the game.

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