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2/27: Senior Standout - Glasgow Girls Basketball "Starting Five"

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In a school with only 259 kids, it's extremely uncommon to have five starting seniors. But the Glasgow Scotties have just that - and use each starter's strength to their advantage.

"Leinie Hughes…she's tall. We can throw high to her," head coach Travis Nielsen described. "She can pass to the cutters. Khloe Krumwiede. She can shoot the ball and drive. Very solid for rebounding also.  Jordan. Can't stop her. She has a battery that's on full all the time. Tyra Johnson. She's excellent off weak side rebounder. She does a very exceptional job guarding. Lexie. She pretty much runs everything in between her and Khloe."

These girls use their individual talents to come together as one.

"We're pretty lucky because there's so many different valuable strengths that we have," said senior wing Tyra Johnson. "We have a lot of posts, a lot of wings, a lot of girls that can dribble. It helps a lot with our team."

"We have us who are quick and we have us who are tall and when we mesh together it's just like the perfect thing," added senior post Leinie Hughes.

After playing together for so long, the bond between the starters is almost unstoppable.

"You build this team chemistry," said senior guard Khloe Krumwiede. "We've been playing with each other for like ten years now."

"It's really fun cause we can like read each other," added senior guard Lexi Nixdorf. "It's like if we do our eyebrows, that's a back cut."

 "It's special to have all your classmates with you starting," said senior post Jordan Kulcyzk.

Their friendship will continue even after they walk across the graduation stage. 

"We'll have a strong bond for the rest of my life," said Johnson.

"We'll keep touch for sure. I know we're going separate ways, but we'll be in touch," added Krumwiede.

One thing for sure is the Scotties won't have easy shoes to fill next year.

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