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Senior Standout: Rocky Boy's Jarrell Gopher and Chase Corcoran

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In a tough district like 1B, it's not easy to come out on top. But the Rocky Boy Northern Stars did just that - winning the district title with the help of their two seniors.

"It's been amazing. I couldn't ask for two better kids - or young men I should call them. It's just been fun," said Northern Star head coach Adam Demontiney.

Jarrell Gopher and Chase Corcoran have played together forever - literally - and have become inseperable over the years. 

"That's like my brother. Me and him grew up since we were little," said senior guard Jarrell Gopher. "I'm only two months older than him and ever since we've been growing with each other."

"Jarrell is like my brother throughout junior high and throughout freshman, sophomore, junior, and this year," added senior guard Chase Corcoran. "We look after each other."

And not only that - they also look after their whole team.

"We get down, call a time out. Sometimes I won't even say much. They're the ones doing the talking, picking everyone up," said Coach Demontiney. "That makes my job a lot easier."

Even though their season is over, Jarrell and Chase plan to take their brotherhood with them throughout the rest of their lives.

"I'm just hoping for the best for the both of us for future time," said Corcoran.

"I want to take the love with him. We love each other," added Gopher. "That's all we want, we wanna go far with each other. We're brothers, we took each other as brothers since we were little."

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