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Waiting On Your State Tax Returns

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We've had several calls into the news room from people waiting more than six weeks for their returns. The reason for the long wait? Your safety. The State Department Of Revenue says because of a nationwide increase in identity theft and fraudulent returns, they take the extra time to review all returns to ensure they are valid. It can take up to six weeks for taxpayers to receive their refund if filed electronically and up to eight weeks if you filed on paper. But other things can slow down the process including:

     - If you sent a verification letter,  refunds can't be processed until the steps in the letter are complete.

     - If a return has an error and needs to be reviewed.

     - The refund may have been offset to pay a state debt, but you'll get a letter if that happens.

     - You are considered a first-time filer, someone who hasn't filed a Montana tax return before.

You are able to track your return by going to revenue-dot-mt-dot-gov and click the "where's my refund" link. We're told information is updated nightly Monday through Friday, so no need to check it more than once a day. If you have any other stories you feel we should look into, email Carlin Stafford, cstafford@KFBB.com.

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