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Rep. Brown shares March Madness picks

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Joey Lamar sat down with Rep. Zach Brown ahead of the NCAA tournament as he revealed his bracket picks.

Joey Lamar: I’m sitting with Rep. Zach Brown from Bozeman. And he’s in the minority because he’s a democrat in a majority republican house. But he agreed to share his bracket with us. And we are going to start with Elite 8 in the Midwest. Who do you have in the Elite 8?

Rep. Zach Brown: In the Elite 8, I’ve got Michigan coming in hot after a great Big Ten Tournament. I have Iowa State beating Kansas in the Sweet 16.

Lamar: But you have to pick one. Who you got Michigan?

Brown: Michigan.

Lamar: Alright let’s write it in. Let’s go down to the South. You’ve got UCLA and UNC. This is last year’s runner up against the up-star team in UCLA, where are we going?

Brown: It’s a tough one because I really like watching both of those teams, but I better go with UCLA. A little west coast love.

Lamar: Alright. Let’s go up to the East. We’ve got Villanova and Baylor. Baylor a No. 3 seed. Villanova, of course, the overall No. 1 seed for the NCAA tournament.

Brown: I like Baylor a lot. They have great 3-point shooting which is often an X factor in these tournament games, but I don’t think they’ll beat Nova. Nova is just too strong.

Lamar:  Alright. So we are 75 percent of the way to our Final Four. And in the West we have Gonzaga and St. Mary’s. You’ve got two Catholic schools in the Elite 8.

Brown: I saw St. Mary’s kind of squeaking their way into the Elite 8, but there’s no way they  beat the Zags. I’ve got Gonzaga going to the Final Four out of the West bracket.

Lamar: So you think they will beat them again and St. Mary’s won’t pull off the upset?

Brown:  Absolutely.

Lamar: Let’s go to the hard stuff. Let’s pick our championship game. We got Michigan and we got UCLA.

Brown: UCLA versus Villanova in the national championship.

Lamar: You’ve got the defending national champions and then we’ve got the young team. I’m going to give you a minute because this is a big decision.

Brown: This is a big decision. I should probably go with UCLA again. Pick the talent. See if they can just run it all the way.

Lamar: Alright. That’s representative Zach Brown. We want to thank you for sharing your bracket with us. Rep. Brown’s entire bracket is available on our website at S-W-X Right Now dot com.

Brown: Thanks for having me.

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