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Havre High Wrestler Shows Toughness in Four-Peat Performance

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Before February 11, Havre High School didn't have a four-time state wrestling champion. But after Jase Stokes pinned Whitefish's Travis Catina, he forever solidified himself in Blue Pony lore. 

"You can't describe it. The standing ovation was awesome," Jase said.

If four-peating wasn't hard enough, it's what Jase kept a secret during the regular season and at the state tournament that makes the feat even more impressive.

"I could definitely feel that it was there and it bothered me," he said.

Jase had a torn meniscus in his left knee.

"During football season is when I first did it," he said. "I didn't think anything of it. I played with it and everything. It healed itself back up then midway through wrestling is when I hurt it again."

The injury didn't stop him. Jase pushed through.

"He's a competitor, especially with the chance to be a four-time," explained his father, Phil Stokes. "He would have had to get it cut off for him not to compete."

His coach Scott Filius added "when the lights turn on we're ready to compete and we knew he'd be ready."

"It was really cool to see him continue to work hard and not let anything slow him down," said teammate Parker Filius. "He knew he wasn't going to wrestle in college and he still laid it on the line for our team."

But pushing through wasn't easy. 

"If I felt that it was getting sore or hurt worse than it usually did then I kind of just slowed down."

Jase knew he couldn't wrestle that way forever especially with the state tournament looming in Billings. He knew he couldn't focus on the pain if he wanted to get the job done. Luckily

"I stepped into the Metra and the pain just went away," Jase explained. "There's that magic in the Metra that you get."

And magical it was.

"It was a great feeling," he said. "Honestly I was just ready to be done. I was just excited to move on and start my career at Montana Tech. So I just hung the shoes up the best way I could."

Although Jase is a beast on the mat, it's his talents on the gridiron that earned him a spot on the Montana Tech football team next year. Once wrestling was over, Jase knew he needed surgery.

"I couldn't be at 100 percent full sprint," said Jase. "I knew I had to get it fixed to compete at the higher level."

Jase said the surgery went well.

"I've been rehabbing it pretty hard," he said. "It's gone a lot quicker than we thought."

Which bodes well for not only Jase and his family, but for Tech fans as well; to know an injury to this Blue Pony won't stop him from competing. 

"It's just something Havre kids have," said Jase. "Everyone in Havre's pretty tough so it just kind of carried on with me."

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