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CMR Softball Team Enters Season with High Standards

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For many schools across the state, there's a level of mystery when a new sports season begins. That is, unless you're a part of the CMR softball team.

"These kids know how to compete. That's why they've won so much," said manager Lindsey Gustafson. "We've won state championships in the past," said manager Lindsey Gustafson.

Two out of the last five state titles to be exact. Although the Rustlers lost superstars Courtney Schroeder and Myla Robbins, CMR still returns four all-state players from last year.

"Of course it puts a target on our back," said senior shortstop Savanna Voyles. "Every other team is going to come out and do their best."

If four-all state returners wasn't enough, CMR received an unexpected transfer over the summer: This girl.

"I'm super excited and I think it's going to be a good year," said senior pitcher Tristin Achenbach.

The reigning Montana Softball Player of the Year, Tristin Achenbach.

"I was excited because I knew a bunch of them, played with a bunch of them so I was excited," she said.

"She adds a good dimension to our team," added Gustafson. "She's just a good team player, she's willing to work hard, and is a great hitter in the lineup, so I think it'll be a huge bonus for us."

Although the Rustlers look good on paper, the team knows it needs to live up to the hype.

"It's exciting to know we'll have good games throughout the season, that everyone will be trying their hardest," Voyles said.

The Rustlers say they'll also play their hardest, because

"A rug on the wall is the biggest thing right now," Gustafson said.

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