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UGF Track & Field Throwers Use Sign Language to Communicate

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Daphne Puckett and Kayla Eikum, are two strong women. They're both throwers for the University of Great Falls track and field team.

These two are around each other from sun up to sun down. That much time together led to discovery.

"I have scarred eardrums and deformed ear drums in both ears," said Daphne. "It's caused by multiple ear infections caused by allergies when I was little, so they didn't form properly after being scared."

"I have 30 decibel loss in each ear," said Daphne.

That's when Kayla's hands became an important "sign" in strengthening their sisterhood.

"I went to Spokane Community College and I took two years of sign, and I was like "I should teach you sign language," said Kayla.

"I didn't even think of it. She's the one that brought it up," said Daphne.

Kayla took her time to teach Daphne what she knows from A to Z.

"She taught me. She made me learn it on both hands," said Daphne and Kayla.

Kayla's use of sign language helps to get their coach's message across to Daphne. 

"It's great because the chemistry that they have with each other and the way that they work with each other actually helps me," said coach Alan Cress.

Kayla's act of selflessness,

"Made us closer," said Daphne.

"I think it's really awesome because we can connect on another level that no one else connects on," said Kayla.

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