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Miller Triplets Bond Through Sports

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Devon, Dylan, and Dane have more in common than just similar first names. They all share the same last name: Miller.

"Yeah they're triplets," said North Star basketball coach WaLynn Burgess.

Even though they don't look alike,

"They're actually pretty unique and different all in their own self," Coach Burgess said.

Coach Burgess says the three complement each other. Dylan's the hard worker, Dane has the brains, and Devon? They call him Thor because of his muscular build. They started to bond through sports as children.

"I guess our family's always been big on sports, and we always had a basketball hoop growing up on the farm," Devon said.

"Growing up at a young age, our grandpa always inspired us to do our best at athletics," Dane added. "That just transpired as we got older."

All the way up until this year, where they made their debut as triplets on the North Star varsity basketball team.

"A long time we looked forward to that," Dylan explained. "This year we got to play together, Coach messing up our names. Getting all that figured out was kind of fun."

And they say working on the farm together as kids has translated to how they play on the court.

"Sports you work together, and that's what we've done, Dylan said. "Working together on the farm and then working together in practice."

"It's been easier playing each other cause we always know where they're gonna be," Dane said.

"We have 3/5 of the team on the court at most times," Devon added.

And most importantly: they always know they have each other.

"It's kinda nice cause you're always with your best friend," Devon said. "You don't have to call them up or talk to your best friend, you always have two with you."

The Millers will continue to carry that as they compete for the Knights in their senior season next year.

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