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High School students become newscasters

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Great Falls - In light of Earth Day on Saturday, some high schoolers are learning all about the history of this holiday. However, there was a special lesson in one Earth Science class, and it's one educators are calling "project based learning." 

Top of the news Friday: climate change. 

Freshman Joe Berlinger and Declan Okes appear focused when they're cued during their newscast, and Friday's show will be short and to the point, because they only have two topics to talk about.

"Climate change leading to civil unrest amongst humans," said Okes.

"Farm animals being bred to adjust to earth's warming climate," said Berlinger. 

Their newscast is one of several that are recorded, downloaded and eventually graded at Great Falls High School. 

"We have been learning how global warming is affecting our oceans and the animals in them," said Brianna Edwards, a freshman.

"So when we talk about that they're like 'wait this entire reef is dying? And we're like yeah unfortunately. So we talk about what we can do to prevent global warming," said teacher Brett Riss.

They're doing more than talking and anchoring..Teacher Brett Riss says his students are participating in what he calls "project based learning." 

"Where you basically take your traditional worksheet, quiz and test and put it aside. So where I would have given a worksheet and say 'here's how you adapt to climate change.' They're taking ownership of it, which is a hallmark of project based learning" said Riss. 

As part of the project, students were assigned to read an article relating to climate change--and then discuss it in their news clips.
However, throughout the week long project, students are also putting their technology skills to the test.

"We did two interviews and I was the interviewee, and then I'm helping with some editing," said Sam Schlimm, a freshman. 

By the time their newscasts have ended, these freshmen are taking away one last talking point..about climate change.

"I didn't think it was such as big deal at first. And then we learned how much it's affecting everything around us," said Gabrielle Nadeau, a freshman. 

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