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Miles to Go - The Story of JJ Dorsch

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Every Saturday, JJ Dorsch hears an all too familiar sound, which means it's time to squeeze in a full work day before he hits the road with his fiancé and two dogs.

"Beautiful day like today always makes it easier to road trip," Dorsch said.
Starting in Bozeman - JJ and Gabrielle drive 186 miles before reaching their destination of Memorial Stadium. They make the journey for one reason:
"My mom is always like, you're going to another football game?! And I'm just like yeah, well he loves it, and I love him so I'm gonna go and support him," Gabrielle said.

After pulling up to the stadium, JJ changes into his #19 jersey to take on the role as the Great Falls Gladiators quarterback.

"It's just one of those places where you just get together and there's no where you would rather be than here around this group of guys you're at home," Dorsch explained.

Driving three hours to be a part of a semi-pro football team might seem like a lot, but to JJ, there's no question in his mind that this is what's best for him.

"Yes, there is a sacrifice of time, money, effort, energy, all that stuff. But it's all paid off in the end when you get the reward of getting to come out here every week for the game," Dorsch said.
And it has paid off - last year JJ lent a hand as a receiver in the Gladiators going undefeated and winning the Rocky Mountain Football League championship.
His sacrifices are also paying off this year - after he helped his team end a two game losing streak by accounting for four touchdowns in the Gladiators first win of the season.
JJ's parents also commute to his games - and to them, a 372 mile round trip drive is well worth seeing their son suit up.

"In Montana, as parents you just get used to driving around the state," said JJ's father, Steve. "You follow your kids." 

"And he always is all-in. He never does anything part way," added his mother, Candis. "He jumps in head first"

JJ shows his passion, dedication, and determination every time he turns on his car with miles to go,
"He just absolutely wouldn't think twice," Candis said. "He would drive eight hours if that's what it took."
And proves there's no limit when it comes to love of the game.

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