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Montana tribes are planning to become tourist hotspots

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The Native American Caucus of Montana said the state should spend more money on making local reservations more of a tourist destination.

This is a big push towards helping Native American Communities thrive on those tourist dollars we get every year. According to Voice of Montana Tourism last year  over 12 million visitors came to Montana. Spending nearly 4 billion dollars. Tribes are asking the Montana Tourism Advisory Council to help them develop plans and models so reservations can start thriving with those dollars.

"There's a lot of interest in Native Americans in Montana and  that's what a lot of overseas tourist want to see," Windy Boy. 

Windy Boy said that encouraging tourist from both near and far to check out the reservation is a chance for traditional cultural sharing.

"For example a pow wow there's a lot of people out there that we even have them in Montana even Montanans even when people do know about them just using that as an example they don't know they are open to the public," said Windy Boy. 

He added because people are traveling the  tourism can help communities around reservations to benefit as well. Now there is a plan for funding different tribes
Casey Lozar is the Bureau Chief of the Montana Department of Commerce he said there's no set amount per tribe.
"It really comes down to what is being prioritized at the local level and the relationships we have built with those individuals early on,"Lozar.
He said there are a number of programs tribes can get into to help them plan and build their future. 

One of the main things both kept talking about is to getting tourists off the beaten path and learning about different historical places like the Battle of Little Big Horn. But there could also be a new tribal golf course  just beyond the horizon.

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